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All of our exercises are designed to meet your group’s needs and goals. Lessons/activities include:

  • Tricks to improve confidence, stance, and vocal effectiveness.
  • How intentions can focus and guide a presentation.
  • The elements of effective storytelling.
  • Responding in a positive, constructive manner to questions or feedback.
  • How to personalize or depersonalize content depending upon the situation.
  • Faking it til you make it.
  • Following a roadmap while being spontaneous.
  • Making unusual and creative choices.
  • Team-building activities.


We offer 90-minute lunch-and-learns, half-day, or full-day formats for groups. Private lessons are also available. Please email us for more information. 


For our flagship project, Blogologues, we reinvent internet text as sketch comedy and perform it live onstage. We’ve performed charts, advertisements and corporate blog posts in shows, and have become pros at taking written material of all kinds and turning it into exciting presentations that enliven you and connect you with your audience time and again. In our workshops, we’ll  share specific lessons, exercises, tips, and tricks we’ve cultivated while creating and performing Blogologues, we’ll give you the tools to be a more captivating and confident speaker, teacher and human — and find humor in the mundane!

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Students at Andover.

Team building with Lean Startup Machine.


General Assembly instructors letting loose.