Other people are performing the internet?!

Hope you have been enjoying your week, so far, Livelies!¬† We can’t wait for you to come (or come again) to Blogologues¬†Technoganza: Like a LOLcat Watching Itself on YouTube.

This Lively installment celebrates all those who have jumped on the funwagon of performing internet hilarity.  Check out these awesome finds and LOL all the way!

Celebrities are getting in on the fun, too!

This article in Gawker has a super fun, dramatic performance of a Yelp! restaurant review:

Listen to this podcast of a series of texts from a crazy passionate woman in love.

Listen to the CrAzY!

And, finally, Bill Maher and Jane Lynch show us just how saucy sexting can be by lending their voices to the infamous Anthony Weiner sexts.

COME SEE US LIVE ONSTAGE tonight and tomorrow.

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