UPDATED: What People Are Saying About Blogologues: Younger Than Springtime

No, that's not photoshopped, people. Randi Zuckerberg wants to see Blogologues.

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“Blogologues finds the humanity in something that could easily be disposable, and in doing so, reminds us that examples of Internet creativity are hardly texts to discard as worthy for adaptation.” – Huffington Post Comedy 

“The best thing since the World Wide Web.” — Lauren Leto, co-founder, Banters & Texts From Last Night

“Intricately staged, energetically performed and cannily curated, the audience can’t help but become invested because the players are so damn committed.” — Rachel Sklar, Change the Ratio

“The short stories and one-line tweets are performed expertly, with perfect comic timing and dedication… Lively Productions is taking performance to the next level; Blogologues combines live theater and ever-popular websites like Twitter, Texts from Last Night, various blogs and other Internet trends. The actors perform these ‘net novellas verbatim, making for a very honest and hilarious night at the theater.” — Show Business Weekly

“The concept is simple, really. Posts, tweets, and blog entries performed verbatim from the internet. But the genius recontextualization of these humorous posts increases their hilarity!”– Sophia Fraioli and Lauren Kaelin, co-founders, When Parents Text

“And, although the original posts may have been serious, we promise the hour long JK-ing show will have you LOLing or ROFLing instead of just chuckling anonymously behind your computer.” — Refinery29

“Blogologues: Younger than Springtime, now at the Players Theatre, is a surprisingly carefree romp through the world of the Internet.” — Theatermania

From the creator of Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber and EveryoneIsGay.com.

“Blogologues is one of those shows where, no matter if you would rather seek out indie theater or troll Reddit, you will find at least one piece that speaks to you. The cast is just as smart and talented as the bloggers who created this content, and together they make a truly unique piece of interactive theater.” — Crushable

“Now that I’ve seen Blogologues current production, Younger Than Springtime, they have my nomination for a MacArthur Genius Grant.  I realize that my endorsement will probably get them evicted from their homes, a pair of plantar warts, and a Darwin Award instead.” — blogger, Lame Adventures

“It’s more than just hilarious… it’s really GREAT work. It is, frankly, what Saturday Night Live was like in the 70′s; biting social satire delivered with energy and polish. Yes, it made me laugh out loud. Blogologues makes me believe that there is, in fact, a future for sketch comedy.” — Scotty Watson, comedian, Second City Toronto

“You simply must see it. You simply must.” — blogger, The Miss O’Show

“Taking funny online content and presenting it to an audience works because it takes the internet from a solitary place to a social place…It also helps to have a talented, energetic cast.” — blogger, Hot Femme in the City

“I love you, Blogologues.” — The Bloggess

Blogologues: Younger Than Springtime runs weekends through May 5th. For a full list of press, please visit our press page.

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