Blogologues: Younger Than Springtime

Conceived by Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula
Compiled by Allison Goldberg, Jen Jamula & Matthew Cox
The Players Loft (115 MacDougal St, NYC)

16 SHOWS! * April 13th – May 5th*
8 PM and 10 PM  (details below!)

OvationTix or call 866-811-4111.  Tickets are $18 + a free drink!

the internet performed

In our weird new world where tech CEOS are high-rolling celebrities and the honey badger just don’t give a sh**, BLOGOLOGUES: YOUNGER THAN SPRINGTIME will tackle the surest signs of the season: spring fever, fertility, The Hunger Games, taxes and more! All material is performed verbatim from the internet.  Brand new material from Jezebel each week!

  • Directed by David Hilder
  • Stage Manager: Becca Pickett
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Casey Malone
  • Lighting Design: Jimmy Lawlor
  • Graphic Design: Dave Thomas Brown
  • Sound Design: Matthew Cox

Featuring Dave Thomas Brown, Matthew Cox, Allison Goldberg*, Jen Jamula*, and Wendy Joy.

Click the calendar for dates and times:

Blog posts from Lindy West (Jezebel), Amanda Miller (Brilliant Sulk), Dufmanno (Dufmanno’s Blog),     Meg (2 Birds 1 Blog), David Houlub (McSweeney’s), Jessica Schnall (Alone With Cats), Julia (Full Credit For Being Alive), Daniel O’Brien (Cracked), Laurenne Sala (Humans Are Funny), and more. Featuring content from Twitter, Siri, Craigslist, Texts From Last Night, Damn You Autocorrect, When Parents Text, and Overheard In New York!

  *Actors perform courtesy of AEA.  Blogologues is a trademark of Lively Productions, Inc.

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